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Volunteer Recruitment for HKFHY Territory-wide Flag Day (2021.9.11, Saturday)

Volunteer Registration Form for Territory-wide Flag Day (11.9.2021)
Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth


Established in 1970, Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth (“the Federation”) is a government-registered charitable organization serving mainly disabled people with physical handicaps. By listening proactively to the needs of the community, the Federation’s diversified services empowered people with disabilities to become self-reliant individuals which could easily integrate into the society.


Each year, the Federation has to raise funds to cover 75% of its service operation expenses, and flag-selling activity is an important source of funds for the Federation. Owing to the severity of COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, the Federation has cancelled the street donation for the Territory-wide Flag Day on July 25, 2020, and the amount of proceeds collected has sharply decreased. The persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on group gathering have caused the schools and corporations to switch to online teaching and work from home respectively. Under such a grim and tough situation, the Federation has encountered unprecedented difficulties in volunteer recruitment. Since flag-selling activity is an important source of funds, the Federation is making its call for support for the Flag Day from different sectors of the society.


The Federation is organizing its Territory-wide Flag Day on 11 September 2021 (Saturday, from 07:00 to 12:30). The public Social Welfare Department subscription permit number of the Territory-wide Flag Day is FD/T001/2021]. All donations received are used for the purpose of developing “Sports for All” activities for able-bodied and disabled peoples, and the construction of healthy, barrier-free and inclusive society.


Therefore, the Federation sincerely appeal to all socially responsible organizations and members of the society for encouraging individuals aged 14 or above to volunteer for the Territory-Wide Flag Day. Guardians and parents with children aged below 14 are encouraged to come together as our Flag-selling volunteers. Each volunteer would receive a Certificate of Appreciation as a commemoration.


In order to show your support for disabled people, please fill in the attached Volunteer Registration Form and Reply Slip, and send back by fax: (852) 2338-5112 or email: on or before 11 August 2021. Please feel free to contact Ms Yan CHENG, our Administrative Officer at 2338-5111 if you have any enquiry. You may also have a look of our website for more information regarding our services –


Your support is vital for enhancing the social inclusion in Hong Kong. We look forward to witnessing your participation on the Territory-wide Flag Day.


Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth



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