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Supported Employment and Training

Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Service, under the subvention of the Social Welfare Department, provides 40 training places to the disabled aged 15 and above, with self-care ability and motivation for open employment. After the applicants have passed the capability assessment, we shall organize tailor-made the training and employment program for each trainee. Upon their completion, we will provide a job placement service and help them find jobs. We will also provide a six-month post-placement follow-up to assist them in adapting to the work environment and solving problems that they may encounter at work. 

In order to achieve the sense of social inclusion between the able persons and the people with disabilities. To effectively increase the employment opportunities of people with disabilities, we kept close contacts with service users and, communicated regularly with business counterparts and employers, broadening the knowledge of employment services for the public, to ensure that the design and implementation of our service development strategies matched the market needs. 


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Vocational Skill Training

We have all along organized a range of vocational training courses on skills required by the market so that trainees will have diversified training opportunities to equip themselves for employment. Last year, we coorganized with the Vocational Training Council 56 sessions of training. We have provided 521 trainees by headcount.

In addition, we again successfully gained the Employees Retraining Board’s support and organized 9 of subvented training courses in “Foundation Certificate in Office Practice”,“Certificate in Android Mobile Application Development (Part-time)”,“Foundation Certificate in Basic English II  (Part-time)”,“Foundation Certificate in Vocational Putonghua I (Part-time)”,“Foundation Certificate in Floral Design and Applications I (Part-time)”,“Foundation Certificate in Floral Design and Applications II (Part-time)”,“Foundation Certificate in Webpage Authoring and Production (Part-time)”,“Foundation Certificate in Small Business Start-up (Part-time)”and, “Foundation Certificate in Book-keeping (Preparatory Course for LCCI Level 1 Book-keeping Examination) (Part-time)”. 99 training places were allocated and 1,397 trainees by headcount participated. The overall enrolment rate was 90%.


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