Hong Kong Champion Bear

Hong Kong Champion Bear



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Introduction of Champion Bear

Champion Bear is a graduation bear created by Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth. It is a self-financed online business.


We strive to provide training to the handicapped in order to enhance their employability skills and employment opportunities. Their re-entry to the job market can unleash their potentials and contribute to the society.


Champion Bear’s production team involves handicapped personnel from various fields, including pattern makers that have been the representatives of Hong Kong to the International Abilympics for years. Other personnel, ranging from experienced sewing technicians to qualified floricultural apprentices. Their professional and exquisite sewing skills alongside innovative designs allow customers to enjoy quality and personalized graduation gifts. We aspire to giving a memorable moment to graduates by having a whole new, unique graduation bear in every graduate’s hands.







Birth of Champion Bear

In August 2015, our HKFHY team has first come up with the idea of running a graduation gift business. We believed that graduation symbolizes a new milestone of one’s life journey. On the graduation day, besides of wearing a decent graduation gown, a graduation gift will be essential for creating great memories for the graduates as well as their families and friends.


In December 2015, the team has contacted and gathered professionals from different areas to draft the design of Champion Bear as well as coming up other related services.


In order to achieve the best quality, our team has been visiting different firms and factories since March 2016 to search for best materials to produce Champion Bear. Our team has also contacted an experienced tailor for teaching us tailoring skills.


In September 2016, the prototype of Champion Bear was established.


On 25th December 2016, our first Champion Bear was officially produced.


Until now, many customers have already chosen Champion Bear to witness their graduation. Each Champion Bear stores unique memories for each graduate.



Profile of Champion Bear

Name: Champion Bear

Height: 30 cm (on a sit-straight basis)

Color: Khaki

Texture and materials: Fluffy, crystalline eyes


  1.     Materials of graduation hood, shawl and square academic cap are exactly the same as real ones, giving a great resemblance.
  2.     The graduation hood, shawl, square academic cap and other accessories are solely tailor-made. The quality is especially incredible.
  3.     The graduation shawl color is made the same as the graduate’s actual one.
  4.     Free embroidery service on the graduation shawl (Name of graduate, School, Year of graduation).
  5.     Quality embroidery material is adopted.
  6.     Both graduation hood and shawl can be shed.
  7.     To become more meaningful and attractive, the word “Congratulations” is embroidered on the sole of the bear.




Production procedures:


  1. Pick the corresponding shawl as well as the preferred bowtie color depending on   

   graduates’ university and faculty

  1. Make an order and pay
  2. Handicapped members from HKFHY will start the production
  3. Choose a collection method



Extra accessories:


Shirt (White/ Blue)

Hood (Red/ Yellow)

Bouquet (Sunflower symbolizes Wishes & Dreams)






Make an order:


Customer can Whatsapp us to make an order. After payment, you can choose your corresponding hood (depending on your university and faculty), words to be embroidered (Including graduate’s name, school, graduation year)



Ordering form:

Click here to download the form.




Contact us


Our center welcomes any kind of collaboration, please contact us by:

Phone:(852)2759 6628

Fax:(852)2756 0310


Facebook page:

Instagram: @hkchampionbear

Bank account: HSBC 080-3-065077



Opening hours:


Address :

No. 8-11, G/F, Kai Yue House, Kai Yip Estate, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, HK

Monday to Friday

9:30am – 5:30pm


9:30am – 1:30pm

Sunday and Public Holiday  


*1:00pm – 2:00pm

Lunch Hour