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Chairperson’s Remarks

The Federation has always been a forerunner and seeks to fulfill its social responsibility by devoting itself by providing care for the underprivileged.

The Federation has emphasized the importance of education and advocacy works for the accessible community. The members of the Rehabilitative Affairs Sub-committee have attended regular meetings organized by the government departments and relevant agencies during the year of 2018/2019. Examples included Public Engagement Activity for “Hong Kong Rehabilitation Program Plan” (RPP) and meetings with the Transport Department, Housing Authority, MTRC, Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities and The LINK. The Sub-committee provided opinions from the perspective of disabled users and urged for concrete follow-up measures. Upon receipt of complaints from members of the Federation, the Subcommittee conducted on-site visits and liaised with the site owners for improvement. The Sub-committee would continue to strive for the development of barrier-free facilities and promote the concept of accessibility amongst the members of the public. During 2018/2019, the Federation received several rehabilitative organizations and social welfare agencies from mainland China and foreign countries. These exchanges greatly enhanced the reputation and recognition of the Federation in different localities.


The “Jockey Club Activity Center” has actively developed the social inclusion programs in the community recently. The Center has established a good partnership with different NGOs, primary and secondary schools in the community. These programs enabled the people with disabilities to enter the community, shared their experiences and achieved the objective of “Lives influence each other” and social inclusion.


The “Youth Education Campaign to Promote Social Inclusion of PWDs in HK” , adventure training and outdoor programs held by the “HKFHY Momentum Academy” effectively diversified the modes and varieties of the activities organized by the Federation, and encouraged the younger generation with and without disabilities to overcome challenges and difficulties throughout their lives. Recently, the Academy has put its focus on the promotion of “Sport for all” for disabled people, encouraging disabled people to participate in different kinds of sports with the ultimate objective of healthy living for them. Facing the changing labour markets, the “Employment Service Center” strived to organize suitable training courses for disabled people to enhance their open employment opportunities. The Center also tried hard to seek for more assembly line work for disabled job seekers and sustained good results.


The Federation's social enterprises – “First Sense Design” and “Flower Workshop” try their best to explore new customers and business opportunities under this adverse economic condition. Under the hard work of our dedicated staff members and provision of quality products and services, both First Sense design and Flower Workshop have successfully gained orders from big corporations in 2018/2019.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank people and organizations who have been supporting the Federation, especially the late Ms. Ho Kam Yung and the trustee of her charitable foundation for their love and care for the disabled.Established since October 2005, “Ho Kam Yung Foundation” has delivered its helping hand to 370 disabled people and their families who were in a desperate situation.


We would also like to take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks to the members of the advisory committees, members of the Board of Directors and all staff and fellow members of the Federation. Lastly, I would like to thank government departments such as the Labour and Welfare Bureau, Social Welfare Department for their support and assistance that make the work of Federation effective.


Dr. NG Ka-wing, Gary



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