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Social Enterprise Development Sub-Committee

Member List (2024/25)


Mr CHEUNG Wai-leung, Benny



Dr. LO Chee-pui 



Mr. KWOK Ka-fai, Simon

Ms Jennis HO

Mr Joseph HO


Flower Workshop Honorary Advisor

Mrs FAN HSU Lai-tai, Rita, GBS, JP Mr LAU Tak-wah, Andy


First Sense Design Advisor

Mr PONG Kai-man, Kelvin

Mr WU Yuk-ting

Ms YIU Ngan-yee, Shirley


Functions and Follow-up Work

Social Enterprise Development Subcommittee is responsible for the monitoring and development of the Federation's three social enterprises, First Sense Design, Flower Workshop and Hong Kong Champion Bear. The Subcommittee holds regular meetings to assess the economic situations of Hong Kong, explore the possibilities for new business initiatives aiming at enhancing the employment opportunity of people with disabilities.


First Sense Design's main business is design and printing of printed materials but First Sense Design also designs and produces her own brand of products, such as souvenir and gifts and proactively reaches out for potential clients. First Sense Design has successfully attracted orders for venue set-up service from various social service organizations and provided one-stop solutions for her clients.


Flower Workshop has a good reputation in the quality and styles of her flower products. One of the objectives of Flower Workshop is to focus on the tender exercises of different hotels and big corporations. Hong Kong Champion Bear is a self-financed online business created by Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth. The disabled people’s reentry into the job market can unleash their potentials and contribute to society.


Hong Kong Champion Bear's production team involves handicapped personnel from various fields, including pattern makers that have been the representatives of Hong Kong to the International Abilympics for years. Other personnel include experienced sewing technicians to qualified floricultural apprentices. Their professional and exquisite sewing skills alongside innovative designs allow customers to enjoy the quality and personalized graduation gifts.


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