Fundraising Events

Monetary and In-kind Donations

Monetary Donation

 You can choose any one of the following methods to make a monetary donation:


(A) Charitable Choice - Online Donation Platform

The Federation has joined the online donation platform offered by Charitable Choice since August 2017. Members of the public could pick their favorite gift cards for their friends and relatives and make donation through the platform using their credit card (e.g: Visa Card , Master Card or American Express).


Click here to Enter Charitable Choice


The on-line donation system provided a time-saving, comfortable and convenience method of donation for our donors.


(B)"Go Travel, Support the Disabled"Campaign 

Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth (HKFHY) jointly cooperate with IBonus Limited of which the latter has signed cash back agreement with various travel websites.  You only need to visit the links tailor-made for HKFHY, and the links will direct you to the travel websites.  Then, you can buy air tickets and reserve hotel rooms as usual without extra registration and all the discounts, special offers and benefits remain unchanged.  These travel websites will make cash back donation to HKFHY to foster the development of “Sport for All” for disabled people.


Click here to access the list of tailor-made links and QR Codes


(C) Bank of East Asia On-line Donation System

The Federation has participated in the On-line Donation System jointly organized by the Bank of East Asia and the Hong Kong Council of Social Services.  The on-line donation system opened on 24th December 2008.  People can donate to the Federation through our webpage by using their credit card such as Visa Card or Master Card.  


Click here for online registration! 


(D) Print Reply Form

Please download the "donation form", fill in the blank and fax or mail to us.


(E) Cheque 

Crossed & payable to “Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth” and mail to us.


(F) Deposit to Bank

Please directly deposit into HKFHY’s HSBC Account (A/C No.:080-2-065078).


(G) Make Donation at Supermarkets and Convenience shops

Bring our barcode to any Circle K, CRVanguard Superstore, CRVanguard Shops and Vango Convenience Store and make donation to HKFHY. After you make donation, the cashier will issue the receipt accordingly.

*Remarks: Donation limit per transaction is HK $ 5,000


(H) PPS account

PPS registered account holders can dial 18031 or visit to make donations to HKFHY. Please enter HKFHY’s merchant code: 6059.


For any enquires, please email or contact 2338 5111 with our staff.



1. Items wanted
  共用圖片/檔案 - listarrow  Toys
  共用圖片/檔案 - listarrow  Stationery
  共用圖片/檔案 - listarrow  Gifts and premiums etc.
2. Items not collected  
  共用圖片/檔案 - listarrow  Electrical home appliances
  共用圖片/檔案 - listarrow  Office equipments
  共用圖片/檔案 - listarrow  Furniture
  共用圖片/檔案 - listarrow  Medicine
  共用圖片/檔案 - listarrow  Used kitchenware, towels, underwear, etc.
3. How to make the donations

We will arrange pick up service upon request if large quantity or volume of donations. Due to the limited resources, please alert us at least 1-2 weeks in advance for our logistics arrangement.


For any enquires, please email or contact 2338 5111 with our Administrative Officer (Project & Fundraising).