Ho Kam Yung Foundation

Ho Kam Yung Foundation



With their love and care for the disabled, the late Madam Ho Kam Yung and the trustee of her foundation has set up the Ho Kam Yung Foundation to benefit the disabled whose lives are affected because of their physical disabilities or accident.  The Foundation subsidizes the disabled in setting bills relating to rehabilitation services, purchase rehabilitation products and equipments.  Application of the Foundation is all the year round, Needy people can enquire through the Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth.


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Above: Cheque Presentation Ceremony of Ho Kam Yung Foundation


Management and Vetting Committee

Representatives from the Foundation, the Federation, the Social Welfare Department and other professionals formed the Management and Vetting Committee.  The Committee will assess each application fair and just and Committee’s decision is also the final decision.


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Above: Meeting of Managment and Vetting Committee of the Foundation


Notes to Applicant

  1. The applicant must fill in the application form according to the guidelines and clearly state the information and purpose of the proposed purchase items or the applied funding.
  2. If the application is approved, the applicant must submit the official receipt of the proposed purchase items or bills of the applied funding within one month.
  3. Should the applicant need to change the usage of the approved fund, prior approval from the Management and Vetting Committee is required.  Otherwise, the applicant must return the portion of fund that has deviated from the purpose of the original approved funds.
  4. The applicant must ensure that all the information submitted is true and correct.  Otherwise, the applicant must return within one month the full amount of approved funds. The Management and Vetting Committee reserve the right of legal pursuit and the right to refuse any application from this applicant.
  5. Management and Vetting Committee may play surprise visit to the beneficiary within  6 months after the approval of the funding so as to ensure that the proper usage of the grant funds.
  6. If the applicant recovered, or in any case no longer need the donations, the applicant must return the donated items within 3 months to the Federation to donate to other needy people.
  7. Management and Vetting Committee’s decision is the final decision. The Foundation does not have any appeal mechanism.


Eligibility of Application

Applicants must hold the legal right of residence in Hong Kong, non-Comprehensive Social Security Assistance recipient and low-income physically disabled people. (Non-HKFHY members can also apply)


Subsidization Category

Rehabilitation materials and supplies, including electric wheelchairs, wheelchair, commode chairs, artificial limbs, minor household repairs and modifications and other special needs of life.


Format of Subsidy

The Management and Vetting Committee will assess the each applicant’s situation and decide to provide a full or partial subsidy, and a lump sum subsidy or a time-bound stage by stage subsidy.  Generally, the Foundation will settle the payment with the supplier of the applied goods directly.


Application procedure and Information

Applicants can download and fill in the application form, together with photocopies of the following information submitted to the " Ho Kam Yung Foundation’s Management and Vetting Committee", in Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth Head Office, No. 16-21, Wang Kei House, Wang Tau Hom Estate, Kowloon.  

   - Proof of right to residence (such as the Hong Kong Identity Card)

   - Registration Card for People with Disabilities or proof of receipt of disability

   - Income and property information

   - Letter of recommendations from professionals, such as doctor, therapist, the
      nutritionist or registered social worker

   - Works, rehabilitation equipment and supplies quotations (if applicable)

   - Quotations related materials (if applicable)



(1) Number of quotations required depends on the amount of applied subsidy.  Details
     please refer to the application form.

(2) Management and Vetting Committee reserve the right to request the applicant to      submit additional information.