About Us

Organizational Introduction


Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth, established in 1970, is a government registered charitable organization managed by people with disabilities. Since aspects of education, employment and welfare facilities for the disabled were not paid with much attention at the time, tens of the people with physical disabilities joined together and formed HKFHY aiming to advocate for the best interest of the disabled. In 1978, the Federation established its Head Office and Activity Centre in Lam Tin Estate and reprovisioned the units to the existing premises in Wang Tau Hom Estate in 1992.


Being a self-help organization with the longest history in Hong Kong that serves mainly the physically handicapped and chronic ill, aside from operating services that are subvented by the Social Welfare Department, the Federation continuously develops various innovative services and businesses that fit in the needs of the disabled. Currently, the Federation provides services include Jockey Club Activity Centre, Employment Service Centre, and Momentum Academy; self-financed social enterprises including First Sense Design, Flower Workshop and Hong Kong Champion Bears. Through the aforesaid means, we aim to strengthen the confidence and social network of the disabled and enhance their job skills and employment opportunities, so that they can re-integrate into the society easily.



To gather the collective power of handicapped youths to promote the spirit of self-help; through advocating equal opportunities, developing rehabilitation services and operating social enterprises, to help the disabled to fully integrate, participate and contribute to the society.


Service Objective

  1. With the involvement of the disabled in management, service delivery and interactive participations with genuine care, to actualize the belief of self-help and mutual help;
  2. Through the promotion of policy advocacy and public education, to achieve equal opportunities;
  3. Based on the rationale of sustainable development, to provide needed, innovative and high quality services to the disabled;
  4. With the development of self-financed businesses in providing direct employment, to help the disabled be self-reliant; and
  5. In promoting the goal of social integration, to encourage the disabled to make contributions through participating in volunteer work.