Policy Advocacy Project

Position and Opinions

Comparing with the past few decades, there is a great change of the concept towards the human rights of the disabled in Hong Kong nowadays. Before, the society mainly focused on the basic needs such as monetary aspects and medical aids for the disable. At present, the public also concern the spiritual needs of the disabled due to the progress of modern society. Over the recent years, accessibility has become one of the hot issues which cause wide concern in disability sector.


Barrier-Free means that our society is accessible for all people, whether people with disabilities or not. Thus, not only the handicapped person, but everyone such as children, elders, and pregnant women can also be benefited in an accessible society.


Because of the technological advancements, it is much easier for the people with disabilities to go everywhere with various tools such as electronic wheelchairs and walking aids. However, the disabled still face a lot of problems caused by inaccessible facilities in their daily lives.


Thus, Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth (HKFHY) has concerned about the accessibility of local facilities. Our works in promoting of barrier-free facilities are as follow: